Writing Success. Level A1. Overprinted edition with answers

Writing Success. Level A1. Overprinted edition with answers
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No Learner Is Too Young to Write!
(Very) Young Learners can barely write their own name! Maybe they can copy a few letters, or even words from the board. Older children are struggling to write well in their own language. So, how can they write in English?
Young Learners can do a lot more writing than we think. Yes, they can’t do what most of us consider ‘proper writing’, i.e., emails,letters, stories or essays.
However, it’s a good idea to get them started on writing as early as possible. They’ll get the help and encouragement they need and they’ll be better equipped to start on the proper writing tasks later.

The Writing Success series includes a variety of writing tasks. Some are perfect for introducing writing to young learners at level pre-A1. Others are useful for young learners who can write (A1 & A2), but still need extra guidance and encouragement.

Writing Success A1 is designed for post-beginner-level young learners of English.
Carefully levelled activities guide students as they expand their core vocabulary and gain familiarity with fundamental structures. Students gradually build their confidence in writing about a wide range of topics and everyday situations as they progress towards producing their own responses to prompts.

The Structure
 Colourful pictures introduce the target vocabulary and provide visual clues to meaning. Students make their own sentences about the pictures, filling in the gaps with the target vocabulary.
 The Language Box provides simple examples or explanations of the target grammar. Students can look at the illustrations and complete the dialogues using the target grammar and vocabulary. They practise using the target grammar through a comprehension and gap-fill activity.
 Students use the pictures as the starting point for completing, then answering questions. These questions practise comprehension and correct use of grammatical structures. When they are comfortable with the grammar and vocabulary, students move on to the next activity where they will write about themselves.
 The general review section recycles some of the key vocabulary and target structures from earlier units. This provides a great opportunity to familiarise students with the kinds of questions they will encounter on future tests, such as the Cambridge A1 Movers exam.

Key Features

    themed units with graded topic-based vocabulary
    realistic topics and everyday themes
    systematic progression of important structures
    colourful illustrations to support understanding
    separate vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and writing practice
    gradually increasing task complexity and difficulty


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