Writing Success. Level A2+ to B1. Overprinted edition with answers

Writing Success. Level A2+ to B1. Overprinted edition with answers
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Writing Success A2+ to B1 is designed for young intermediate-level students of English.
Carefully levelled activities guide students as they expand their core vocabulary and gain familiarity with fundamental structures. Students gradually build their confidence in writing about a wide range of topics and everyday situations as they progress towards producing their own responses to prompts.With plenty of support and gradually-increasing task difficulty, this book offers young writers the chance for a positive learning experience, as well as a solid foundation for their English writing skills.

Key Features
 themed units with graded topic-based vocabulary
 realistic topics and everyday themes
 systematic progression of important structures
 colourful illustrations to support understanding
 separate vocabulary, grammar, comprehension and writing practice
 gradually increasing task complexity and difficulty

Activity Types

    picture-based storytelling
    picture description with subject prompts
    guided brainstorming
    related information prompts to guide writing on a given topic
    consolidation in the form of a writing quiz
    description of a situation that requires writing suggestions or excuses
    for and against (the topic)
    analysing sample responses
    articles & essays
    students’ own experiences or opinions


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