Why should I bother to keep fit?

Why should I bother to keep fit?
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Anul publicării: 2016
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Cartea autorului Sue Meredith „Why should I bother to keep fit?" de la editura USBORNE

An informative book about how to maintain a healthy body through regular exercise and healthy eating. Answers questions such as: “What counts as exercise?”, “What if I hate sport?”, and “How can I get stronger?”. Includes simple tips on healthy eating, games to play indoors when it’s raining and how to warm up and cool down properly. Written in a clear, factual style with bright, stylish illustrations and internet links to websites to find out more. The importance of physical activity and diet for a healthy lifestyle is now part of the UK National Curriculum for Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE).

Key Stage
    KS2 S, PHSE
Library edition hardback
    ISBN: 9781409599623
    Extent: 48 pages
    Dimensions: 225 x 150mm
    Sue Meredith and Kate Knighton
    Adam Larkum


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