Vocabulary for IELTS, Julie Moore, SCHOLASTIC

Vocabulary for IELTS, Julie Moore, SCHOLASTIC
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Anul publicării: 2016
Categoria: Grammar


Timesaver For Exams is a new series of
photocopiable materials for English teachers to use with students
who are preparing for exams.
They save teacher preparation time with a wide range of refreshing
easy-to-use lessons and activities, providing motivational ideas
for exam classes.

The engaging and contemporary content is aimed at teenagers and
young adults with an emphasis on repeated practice of exam task
types and includes exam tips and skills practice.

Thirty-four ready-to-use vocabulary lessons
for Upper Intermediate / Advanced level students aiming for scores
of 6. 0 and above in the IELTS Academic tes

Broad range of lexical foci and strategies including

working out unfamiliar words,

describing data and processes,

hedging language,

phrasal verbs,


noun phrases,

and paraphrases

Topics reflect those of the IELTS Academic test and are designed
to appeal to young adults

Thorough practice of IELTS task types from the Reading, Writing
and Speaking tests

Exam tips provide advice on how to boost IELTS test score in
every lesson

Vocabulary tips address common mistakes and how to avoid them

An ideal accompaniment to any IELTS preparation coursebook


Timesaver for Exams is a series of supplementary photocopiable
materials for students preparing for the IELTS exams.

They provide a rigorous yet motivating approach to exam preparation
with a range of activities covering all aspects of the target
exam, including tips on strategy and practice of exam task types.

Nr. pagini: 80 pages

Format: 210 x 297 x 7mm | 260g

Anul aparitiei: 01 Dec 2016


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