Todd David, Look! level 3 - Workbook

Todd David, Look! level 3 - Workbook
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Anul publicării: 2009
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Research shows that visualising can help students learn and retain more. Nowhere is an image worth more than a thousand words than in Look!
A new course for young teens with a fun, natural approach to grammar and vocabulary that will boost your students' innate ability to make strong, memorable visual connections. Look! will consistently support your students in those areas that are guaranteed to make a difference to their learning experience. Taking students from starter to intermediate level, Look! offers enjoyable easy-to-follow lessons designed to engage learners right from the start.
Visual - a team of delightful 'Graphic Grammar' characters shows how grammar and vocabulary work making lessons fun and memorable. Clear - the course is stronger and clearer because it is simple. The straightforward lessons spark interest and engage learners right from the start. Flexible - accommodates the needs of classes with different levels of ability and interests. Varied - culture, songs, projects and revision all features regularly.

No. of pages: 104
Year: 2009


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