The Unpredictability of Being Human

The Unpredictability of Being Human
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Anul publicării: 2016


Cartea autorului Linni Ingemundsen „The Unpredictability of Being Human" de la editura USBORNE

If I got to be God for one day, Id like to say Id end world hunger and create world peace. But I wouldnt. Because if God could fix the big stuff, hed have done it already.

Malin knows she cant fix the big stuff in her life. Instead, she watches from the sidelines, as her dad yells, her brother lies and her mum falls apart. At least after she meets Hanna she has a friend to help her. Because being Malin is complicated – learning how to kiss, what to wear to prom, and what to do when you upset the prettiest, meanest girl in school.

Its tough fitting in when youre different. But what if its the world thats weird, not you?

A beautiful, funny and honest coming-of-age story that never pretends life is perfect.

Lexile Measure
    ISBN: 9781474940634
    Extent: 288 pages
    Dimensions: 198 x 130mm


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