The Merchant of Venice. Includes an MP3 CD with the recordings in British English


Global ELT brings William Shakespeare’s play of revenge, romance, and comedy to its line of Global Compass Graded Readers. English language learners
of all ages will enjoy developing their vocabulary and reading fluency as they read about the struggles between the cavalier merchant, Antonio, and the
vengeful moneylender, Shylock. Students and teachers alike will enjoy discovering that the actions and motivations of Shakespeare’s 16th-century Italian characters are as relevant today as they were then.

Global Compass Graded Readers provide beginning and intermediate English language learners accessible adaptations of the greatest works of literature. They are carefully designed to retell the stories using vocabulary and sentence structure appropriate for one of six different grade levels.

Each reader includes:
- discussion questions before (preview) and after (review) each chapter
- a glossary of key vocabulary words
- a short Playlet for classroom performance
- an MP3 CD with the recordings in British English
- a Workbook with Reading Comprehension questions, Vocabulary exercises and a Reading Journal
- Extra: online teachers’ tips


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