Thats my job! A2, ELI

Thats my job! A2, ELI
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Anul publicării: 2018


Level A2

The teacher or group leader puts the game board on the table, makes the dice and divides the cards into six coloured packs. The answer cards remain available so that players can check their answers. The youngest player starts the game: he/she throws the dice and moves along the game board according to the number on the dice. The player reads the sentence and looks for the matching job or profession. If the payer matches correctly, he/she takes a card from the pack corresponding to the colour of the space with the correctly guessed job, and play passes to the player on the left.
The winner is the player with the most cards at the end of the game or at the end of a set time limit.

 Playing board
 120 cards divided into two packs; the first the illustrated jobs; the second the names of jobs
 12 cards with solutions
 A dice
 A teacher’s booklet

 To stimulate memorisation and the capacity of linking words, phrases and images related to jobs

The kit (21, 5x14, 5 cm) contains:
120 cards
Teacher's Guide

Format: 21, 5 x 14, 5

Anul aparitiei: 2018


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