Succeed in APTIS. Self Study Edition. Included audio CD

Succeed in APTIS. Self Study Edition. Included audio CD
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APTIS is an innovative English exam from the British Council which can be used to assess English language ability in all 4 skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The APTIS test is offered online and consists of five components: core (grammar & vocabulary), reading, listening, writing and speaking.
Key Features of this book:

- 6 Preparation Units & 6 APTIS complete Practice Tests
- Each of the Preparation Units introduce new Vocabulary with an illustration, a definition (in easy to understand language) and an example sentence. Easy Vocabulary Exercises follow each set of
- the Key Words.
- A reading text in each unit gives the students the chance to see  how the Key Words are used in context, and also to practise answering Reading Comprehension questions.
- Grammar activities and more Vocabulary exercises (which cover all the Key Words) follow the reading text in each unit.
- All the various task types of the APTIS exam (including the specific ones for APTIS for Teens) are covered in each of the complete  Practice Tests that follow.
- QR codes are included, in order to help students listen to the audio files using their mobile phones. Audio CDs are also available

Self-Study edition available with a Self-Study Guide that includes: 

- the Audioscripts and a full Answer Key.
- Model Answers for the Writing and the Speaking tasks, as well as  
- explanations for the answers in the Reading section are available online.


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