Roundtrip of Britain and Ireland A2-B1, ELI

Roundtrip of Britain and Ireland A2-B1, ELI
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Anul publicării: 2009


Level A2-B1

Stars on the back of the cards indicate the different levels at which the game can be played: level A2 one star; B1 two stars. The teacher or group leader places the material around him including the six packs.
The youngest player starts the game by rolling the coloured die and answering the type indicated by the colour shown on the top of the die. The question is asked by the teacher or group leader.
If the answer is correct then the player throws the second die (with numbers on it) and moves forward on the board according to the number shown.
Then the next player has his/her turn. The winner is the player who reaches the end of the trip (London).
The teacher’s booklet contains information on every city mentioned in the game and a list of useful websites for further information.


 1 die with different coloured sides
 1 die with numbers
 1 board with a map of Great Britain and Ireland and 100 numbered squares, some with photographs on them
 132 cards divided into 6 packs each of a different colour that indicated the type of question:
Yellow: Riddles
Blue: Geography
Orange: Odd one out
Purple: Idiomatic Expressions
Red: History and traditions
Green: Grammar
 A teacher’s booklet

 To extend vocabulary
 To favour the correct use of grammatical structures: articles, adjectives, verbs, question and negative forms
 Numbers up to 100
 To become acquainted with culture, history, geography of Great Britain and Ireland
 To promote the learning of idiomatic expressions

 Target: Primary/ Secondary Schools

Age group: 8-15
Levels Common European Framework:  A2-B1

Components: The box (21, 5x14, 5 cm) contains:
-1 board
-2 packs of 66 cards
-2 dice
-teacher’s guide

Format: 21, 7 x 14, 7

Anul aparitiei: 2009


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