Robert Campbell, Beyond A2 level Students Book Premium Pack

Robert Campbell, Beyond A2 level Students Book Premium Pack
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Anul publicării: 2015
Categoria: Engleza


 The Beyond Student's Book Premium Pack consists of the Student's Book with a code that provides access to the Student's Resource Centre and Online Workbook. The Resource Centre contains the entire Student's Book audio and video material, as well as the workbook audio, extra vocabulary and listening materials. Perfect for self-study or class use.

Key Features

Beyond is based on detailed CEFR mapping
Subskills - a comprehensive and practical syllabus that teaches students transferable linguistic strategies to maximise their learning
Life Skills - every unit in Beyond offers the 21st century life skills feature
Two strands of videos - Moving Picture and Speaking
Content– the lives and interests of students are at the heart of Beyond’s content, which is presented through a wide range of fun and engaging media
Premium Pack Includes access to the Online Workbook

Authors: Rebecca Robb Benne, Rob Metcalf, Robert Campbell
No. of pages: 143
Year: 2015


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