Reading and Writing Targets 3. Teachers Pack

Reading and Writing Targets 3. Teachers Pack
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Anul publicării: 2016
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Reading and Writing Targets 3 is the third book in a three-level writing series in full colour. Designed for learners at pre-intermediate level, the book provides systematic development of reading and writing skills and can be used to supplement any main course at pre-intermediate level.
Key features

- a variety of texts based on real-life situations which develop reading skills and work as models for the learner's own written work
- lexical and grammar exercises which familiarise learners with all vocabulary and grammatical structures necessary to produce a successful piece of writing
- useful writing tips and paragraph plans to give the learner step-by-step guidance

The Teacher's Books provides:

- useful notes to the teacher
- full key to the exercises in the Student's Book


- Student's Book
- Teacher's Book

Autori: Virginia Evans, Jenny Dooley
Anul aparitiei: 2016


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