Premiers Pas avec Leo et Theo. Livre de l eleve, Dominique Guillemant, ELI

Premiers Pas avec Leo et Theo. Livre de l eleve, Dominique Guillemant, ELI
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Anul publicării: 2021
Categoria: Grammar


Student's book + ELI-LINK App (pre A1 level).

First approach to the spelling and sounds of the French language through playful activities, nursery rhymes and songs.

Also suitable for those who are learning to read and write.

The main objective of this method is to teach French as a communicative tool and as a means of access to other cultures and ways of life. This initial journey through funny characters who act in a family context, allows simple but natural communication.

Boys and girls can use the knowledge and skills acquired in everyday situations. It also helps to increase their self-esteem and broaden their general knowledge.

The Student's Book contains 7 units divided as follows:

- 2 pages for the presentation of the vocabulary.

- 2 pages of activities using different sensory channels (auditory, visual).

- Pages of writing and first discovery of consonants and vowels.

- Comics.

Nr. pagini: 84

Anul aparitiei: 2021


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