Portrait of a Nail Salon. Reader and Delta Augmented


Tien is a talented artist. Three years out of art college, she finds herself still working in her Auntie Chau's nail salon. Feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled, she worries about her future. However, a chance robbery at the nail salon opens up new doors for Tien, both professionally and romantically… But the main question remains - will Tien's ultimate dream of having her very own exhibition at an art gallery ever come true?

Portrait of a Nail Salon is a lighthearted read about hope and perseverance and how you can never really know what is around the corner…

DELTA Readers Me and my World is a series which aims to share stories about people's lives around the world and the issues they are confronted with. This reader includes:

explanations of new vocabulary directly at the bottom of each page

activities to check understanding and develop your language skills

Think about it: opportunities to reflect on what you have read

Find out more: questions and tasks designed to help you learn more about what you have read


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