Oxford Wordpower. angol-magyar szotar nyelvtanuloknak

Oxford Wordpower. angol-magyar szotar nyelvtanuloknak
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This is an English-Hungarian dictionary specially designed for Hungarian students of English. This dictionary contains the words and expressions from contemporary English that students need, all with Hungarian translations. It has corpus-based examples, usage notes in Hungarian, and help with the grammar of each word. Key Features Over 31,000 references and contains words and expressions widely used in contemporary English, with Hungarian translations. A vast number of examples showing typical usage and a wealth of idioms and phrasal verbs. Usage notes in Hungarian explain difficult grammar points, how to avoid confusing similar words and give cultural background; and notes in English show key collocations and related vocabulary. Pronunciation is shown using the IPA system. Over 50 illustrations. There are also special pages and appendices on a wide range of topics, including false friends, phrasal verbs, number expressions and computers.


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