Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy

Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy
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The overall goal of clinical pharmacy is to promote the correct and appropriate use of prescription and non-prescription medicinal products and devices and to minimize adverse effects. The Oxford Handbook of Clinical Pharmacy is the definitive quick-reference guide for all practising and student pharmacists. Organized alphabetically by topic, it covers the main body systems and provides a wealth of practical information required by pharmacists on a day-to-day basis. Information on controlled drugs, adverse drug reactions, interactions, communication skills and confidentiality is included and information complements the British National Formulary giving prescribing points and linked concepts of relevance to clinical pharmacists. Other chapters include adherence, anaphylaxis, clinical trials, herbal medicine, patient management and patient specific issues, pharmaceutical calculations, pharmaceutical care, research, and policy and therapy related issues. The contents are evidence-based wherever possible and contain a wealth of guidance and information gleaned by the authors who have many years of clinical pharmacy experience.


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