Mitchell H. Q., Get Smart level 1 Student s Book - British Edition

Mitchell H. Q., Get Smart level 1 Student s Book - British Edition
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Anul publicării: 2012
Categoria: Engleza


Get Smart British edition is an innovative six-level primary course in British English.
It takes students from Beginner to Pre-Intermediate level, while carefully considering students’ particular needs and interests at each stage. It is based on the modular approach, allowing learners to explore familiar and interesting topics in depth.

Course features

Follows the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference
A multi-dimensional syllabus organised into 10 well-balanced modules
A wide variety of songs, chants, games, phonics activities, factual texts, dramatisation and stories
Communication, cross-curricular activities and projects (including cut-outs and stickers)
Gradual development of all four skills
Systematic recycling with a revision lesson in every module

No. of pages: 127
Year: 2012


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