Middle School. Ultimate Showdown. (Middle School 5), James Patterson, Oxford University Press

Middle School. Ultimate Showdown. (Middle School 5), James Patterson, Oxford University Press
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Anul publicării: 2015
Categoria: Literatura


Rafe Khatchadorian is getting the Hollywood treatment in a film version of Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life starring Griffin Gluck, Lauren Graham, Rob Riggle and Thomas Barbusca.

Readers get a chance to participate in James Pattersons wildly successful Middle School series in this interactive book featuring more than 80 hilarious anecdotes from dueling siblings Rafe and Georgia Khatchadorian - plus dozens of fun-filled activities!

The Khatchadorian kids are an opinionated duo, and as readers of the Middle School stories know, they dont exactly see eye to eye. But when wild-card Rafe and mostly-straight-laced Georgia go at it, the only thing more fun than their ranting is getting to join in! Their back-and-forth banter on a range of topics - from bullying to cafeteria food to school dress codes - introduces more than 40 writing and drawing prompts and other games, along with room for readers to share their own points of view. (Includes over 200 illustrations.)

Nr. pagini: 256 pages

Format: 129 x 198 x 19mm | 223g

Anul aparitiei: 04 Jun 2015


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