Mansfield Park. (Paperback), Jane Austen, PENGUIN BOOKS LTD

Mansfield Park. (Paperback), Jane Austen, PENGUIN BOOKS LTD
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Anul publicării: 2012
Categoria: Literatura


The Penguin English Library Edition of Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

We have all been more or less to blame... every one of us, excepting Fanny

Taken from the poverty of her parents home in Portsmouth, Fanny Price is brought up with her rich cousins at Mansfield Park, acutely aware of her humble rank and with her cousin Edmund as her sole ally. During her uncles absence in Antigua, the Crawfords arrive in the neighbourhood bringing with them the glamour of London life and a reckless taste for flirtation. Mansfield Park is considered Jane Austens first mature work and, with its quiet heroine and subtle examination of social position and moral integrity, one of her most profound.

The Penguin English Library - 100 editions of the best fiction in English, from the eighteenth century and the very first novels to the beginning of the First World War.

Nr. pagini: 512 pages

Format: 129 x 198 x 22mm | 351g

Anul aparitiei: 27 Nov 2012


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