Lucky Jim, Amis Kingsley, PENGUIN BOOKS LTD

Lucky Jim, Amis Kingsley, PENGUIN BOOKS LTD
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Anul publicării: 2000
Categoria: Literatura


A brilliantly and preposterously funny book Guardian

A flawless comic novel... I loved it then, as I do now. It has always made me laugh out loud Helen Dunmore, The Times

Jim Dixon has accidentally fallen into a job at one of Britains new red brick universities. A moderately successful future in the History Department beckons - as long as Jim can stave off the unwelcome advances of fellow lecturer Margaret, survive a madrigal-singing weekend at Professor Welchs, deliver a lecture on Merrie England and resist Christine, the hopelessly desirable girlfriend of Welchs awful son Bertrand. Inspired by Amiss friend, the poet Philip Larkin, Jim Dixon is a timeless comic character, adrift in a hopelessly gauche and pretentious world, in a witty campus novel that skewers the hypocrisies and vanities of 1950s academic life.

With an introduction by David Lodge

Nr. pagini: 272 pages

Format: 129 x 198 x 16mm | 202g

Anul aparitiei: 30 May 2000


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