JET Songs and Rhymes with CD, Annie Hughes, SCHOLASTIC

JET Songs and Rhymes with CD, Annie Hughes, SCHOLASTIC
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Anul publicării: 2002
Categoria: Literatura


Songs and Rhymes is a comprehensive collection of 20 well-known songs and rhymes in English for pre-school and primary learners, with lively teaching ideas and photocopiable words, worksheets and exercises. Some of the songs, such as One Finger, One Thumb and If Youre Happy and You Know It are traditional; others, such as the Beatles hit Hello Goodbye are more contemporary. They have been chosen for their simplicity, repetition, familiarity and also the opportunities for exploitation in action games and follow-up activities. In addition there is a photocopiable section in which pupils can record details and observations about the songs, including their own responses and feelings. The book is accompanied by a CD so that children can learn the songs easily and sing along with them. Learning a language is never quite so painfree as when one sings, and the words and phrases memorized in this wayt stay with us forever.

Nr. pagini: 45 pages

Format: 227 x 296 x 5mm | 238g

Anul aparitiei: 15 Mar 2002


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