Gateway to the World A1 plus. Students Book

Gateway to the World A1 plus. Students Book
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- A fully flexible component mix means the course can be adapted to any teaching scenario, whether delivering lessons face-to-face, online or using a blended approach.
- The Great Learners, Great Thinkers section, with its focus on Social and Emotional Learning, allows students to develop the emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills they will need for life.
- With the Virtual Classroom Exchange feature, students can connect with their peers in another country, so they can learn about culture and practise their English in an authentic and rewarding context.
- The Student’s App includes gamified activities to make language practice easy and enjoyable, and enables teachers to set assignments for students to complete on their favourite devices.
- Teachers can monitor students' learning through the Progress Tracker in the Teacher's App.


Anul aparitiei: 2021
Numar pagini: 92
Format: 21x30


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