Gabriella Lazzeri, Tracks 1 Pupils Book - Global

Gabriella Lazzeri, Tracks 1 Pupils Book - Global
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Anul publicării: 2009
Categoria: Carte scolara


With both ongoing stories and adventure episodes, Tracks will appeal to your pupils' diverse interests, creating the anticipation required to keep them motivated lesson after lesson. Responding to the changes which occur in children as they develop and mature, each level Tracks of offers the appropriate combination of fantasy and factual content.
Cross-curricular lessons, personalisation activities and project work ground the course in the here-and-now, giving pupils the opportunity to bring their real-world experiences into the classroom. Developed by teachers for teachers, Tracks offers:* a crystal-clear format that reduces preparation time and enhances pupils' success* ample opportunities for recycling and assessment activities which help track progress* full-colour interleaved teacher's book with pupils' book pages, surrounded by easy-to-use teaching notes.

No. of pages: 80
Year: 2009


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