From Games to Plays, Jane Elisabeth Read, ELI

From Games to Plays, Jane Elisabeth Read, ELI
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Anul publicării: 2009
Categoria: Grammar


A photocopiable resource book of drama and games
For Primary School

Help young learners overcome pronunciation problems and encourage them to speak fluently.
Appealing activities and the educational value of drama and group cooperation all contribute to
making this an excellent teaching tool.

The 8 units are centred on the dramatization of a simple story. Each unit opens with clear instructions
containing the grammar topics and materials necessary for the activity.
This is then followed by three pages of games and activities such as craftwork, manual tasks and language exercises, plus the story text. The volume includes both original and abridged
versions of classic stories. Songs and rhymes allow for further pronunciation practice, whilst numerous links to geography, art, music and history reinforce crosscurricular aspects.

Nr. pagini: 64

Format: 29, 8 x 21, 7

Anul aparitiei: 2009


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