English from A to Z, Jewell Susan, ELI

English from A to Z, Jewell Susan, ELI
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Anul publicării: 2010
Categoria: Dictionaries


Illustrated situational and structural dictionary for Primary School

Learn basic English vocabulary and structures via fun cartoon illustrations. The Bang family and their friends involve students in their adventures through guessing activities, puzzles, rhymes, fun facts, drawings to be completed and mazes. The vocabulary introduced is presented several times in the text so as to facilitate memorization.

The volume introduces more than 1000 English words.
The vocabulary and topics relate to the various aspects of children’s daily lives (school, clothes, family, free time etc.). Each letter of the alphabet ends with short revision and reflection exercises. Some theme pages present topics of general interest. A wordlist and answer key is included in the index. The CD adds a valuable listening dimension, providing not only the pronunciation and natural rhythms of the focus language but also dynamic sound effects for selected words.

Nr. pagini: 144

Format: 30, 2 x 21, 2

Anul aparitiei: 2010


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