English for economics


The textbook English for Economics has been prepared for the students in the Department of Economics to develop their academic reading and writing skills.

The aim of the textbook is to help the student who is taking an Intermediate English for Economics course. In general the textbook is based on the third edition of Economics by Stiglitz, E.J. and Walsh, E.C., and it can be used as a supplement, not as a substitute.

Each unit was designed for the student to read and study after reading the corresponding unit in the textbook. Each unit deals with economic development issues and it is divided into two sections with specific vocabulary on the same topic, but it does not repeat the content and it also includes an article adapted from The Economist.

As the students’ level of English is intermediate they do not need to spend a lot of time learning more vocabulary and grammar. What they really need is to develop their ability to combine words, many of which they already know, into expressions which are basic to English for economics.

At the end of the textbook, there is a glossary and a list of abbreviations, relevant to the study of economics, as well as an answer key.

The book can be used on an individual basis, but for many activities it is clearly necessary a group of students.


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