English File third edition: Intermediate Plus: iTools

English File third edition: Intermediate Plus: iTools
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Anul publicării: 2014
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Cartea autorului Clive Oxenden „English File third edition: Intermediate Plus: iTools" de la editura OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS

The English File iTools package provides the complete Students Book, Workbook and Teachers Book photocopiables on screen as well as interactive activities that provide whole-class fun practice of key vocabulary and grammar.

The video material is integrated into the pages, making it easy to access, and audio tracks can be played by clicking on the page. You can choose to display the script, and if you do, the words are automatically highlighted as they are spoken making it easy for students to follow, and linking listening with reading practice too.

Integrated answer keys make self or peer marking much simpler as students will be able to see the correct answer on screen.

It offers you the facility to hide parts of the page, highlight text on a page or type notes/answers on to the page during the lesson. The link tool also allows you to add links to websites to support your lesson material, accessible by a single click.
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Format: 135 x 189 x 16mm | 98g
Anul aparitiei: 14 Aug 2014


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