Digicool Digital Camera Kit

Digicool Digital Camera Kit
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Whether you want to see your friends on the net with the webcam, shoot a video or turn your photos into stickers, this is the camera for you!This action-packed kit contains everything you need to create ultra cool photos with a 16MB digital camera available in 2 funky colours, CD imaging software, sticker sheets, photo frames and user guide.Gadgets aren\'t just for geeks so why not get kitted out with this gadget-tastic digital kit. Wherever, whenever - your camera, your rules!%u25CF Create amazing effects%u25CF Turn the camera into a webcam%u25CF Make your own stickers%u25CF Take digital photos and video!Frequently asked Digicool questions Question: Why should I register my software with ArcSoft?Answer: If you wish, you can register your PhotoImpression and Funhouse software with ArcSoft. To register, you will be asked to fill in a form with various questions about your computer and where you bought the software from, and you will also be required to provide an email address. You will then be sent emails to this address about ArcSoft software updates.Question: Is it normal for my digital camera to use up batteries quickly?Answer: Yes. All digital cameras use up batteries very quickly. The average time for batteries to last in the Digicool camera is 48 hours, so make sure that you download any photos you\'ve taken before they run out. The good news is that the camera takes rechargeable batteries, and so you can recharge your batteries instead of having to supply new ones each time.

Anul aparitiei:2007


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