Cyber Consumer Law - Cristina Coteanu

Cyber Consumer Law - Cristina Coteanu
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Anul publicării: 2005
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Whilst consumer protection in the 1960s was fashioned by its external environment, cyber consumer protection, today, is challenged by internal conditions linked to the technological nature of the Internet. Given the current underdeveloped state of technology now available to consumers, it is impossible for them to exercise real control over the technological issues of the electronic marketplace. The peculiarities of the electronic marketplace and their impact on consumer protection require continuity in the formulation of a law adapted to suit the new needs of consumer protection. Meanwhile, determining the rationales of cyber consumer law, identifying new areas of unfairness in the B2C commercial relationship and exploring the need to provide solutions for the inadequacy of cyber consumer law, represent some of the major issues which would determine the way in which the legal community will design the future architecture of consumer law. This offer is a "one-off" opportunity since it concerns the liquidation of a few remaining copies of Dr. Coteanu's doctoral thesis at Leiden University.

ISBN: 973-50-1106-9

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Data editiei: 2005
Format: 16*24 cm
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