Curs limba engleza Happy Hearts 1 Multi-ROM, Jenny Dooley, Express Publishing

Curs limba engleza Happy Hearts 1 Multi-ROM, Jenny Dooley, Express Publishing
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Anul publicării: 2018
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Happy Hearts is a three-level course for three to six year old children. The course develops the listening, speaking and pre-writing / pre-reading skills of young learners through art, music and movement. It provides a simple, but steady development of new language through a carefully graded syllabus and features engaging characters including Billy, Molly and Kenny the cat, that will appeal to all children of pre-school age.

Key Features:

    Appealing, well-designed, child-centred materials to engage children's imagination and stimulate learning.
    Kenny the cat puppet to interact with and instruct children.
    Kenny's basket & poster, an interactive poster to introduce the new language.
    Colourful picture flashcards to present and review language.
    Posters to introduce the characters and explore cross-curricular themes.
    Songs and chants based on traditional tunes to encourage active participation through TPR and other circle-time activities.
    Tear-out activity worksheets to develop pre-reading and pre-writing skills.
    Story cards to present the stories in a classroom setting.
    Stickers to promote a hands-on approach to language learning.
    Characters press outs to consolidate the new language and perform the songs.
    Easy to follow Teacher's Book with additional activities to cater for flexibility regarding lesson length and teaching hours.
    Showtime & Across the curriculum: optional lessons in the Teacher's Book to help the children explore and understand the world around them.
    Activity Books (in Happy Hearts 1& 2) for use in the classroom or at home to reinforce the language of each unit.
    Fully dramatised CDs & animated DVDs.

An aparitie: 2018
Format: CD-DVD


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