Cook for Fun. Worksheets A, Damiana Covre, ELI

Cook for Fun. Worksheets A, Damiana Covre, ELI
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Anul publicării: 2006
Categoria: Grammar


The projects aim to provide teachers with flexible material which gives them the opportunity to apply new teaching methods (Team Teaching, CLIL, Task-based Approach, Lexical Approach) and to deal with cross and extra curricular topics in detail. Students can develop their own learning styles, creative and manual, whilst learning a foreign language in authentic contexts.

Two sets of detachable full-colour worksheets, in two levels of difficulty: A and B.
The worksheets are grouped into topics and provide flexible material, to meet the educational, linguistic and varying needs of students.

Teacher’s guide
A detailed introduction to the methodology of the project is followed by systematic lesson plans, The
Teacher Portfolio, Factfiles for further study, a glossary of all specialized terms, self-assessment sheets for students and a photocopiable Dictionary.

The audio CD
Includes songs, rhymes, the chants and stories from worksheets A and B, pronunciation of lexis in the
glossary and expressions from Classroom language.

Nr. pagini: 64

Format: 29, 7 x 21

Anul aparitiei: 2006


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