Botchan with audio downloadable multimedia contents with ELI LINK App, Natsume Soseki, ELI

Botchan with audio downloadable multimedia contents with ELI LINK App, Natsume Soseki, ELI
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Anul publicării: 2013


CEFR Level: A1
Theme: Social Issues
Botchan is a novel written in 1906. It is considered to be one of the most popular novels in Japan.

A Tokyoite known only as Botchan thinks teaching a bunch of high-school yokels in the sticks will be simple-after all, they’re essentially living in yesteryear.
But our narrator soon learns that he is surrounded by schemers and tricksters and that the teaching job that should have been a walk in the park is more like a walk off a plank. Can he survive and make it back to civilization on Moral Fibre alone?
Nouns Abstract, concrete, animate, inanimate, collective, common, proper nouns, countable, uncountable.
Pronouns Interrogative who, what;
Indefinite someone, something, everything, anything, nothing.
Quantifiers All, a lot of, some/any, more.
Adjectives Demonstrative, possessive, qualifying.
Prepositions Place (Position and Direction), Time.
Verbs Affirmative, Negative, Interrogative, Infinitives, regular and common irregular verbs, Present Simple, Present Continuous with present meaning, Simple past, Imperative. Modal verbs can, have to, must.

Nr. pagini: 144

Format: 21 x 14, 8

Anul aparitiei: 2013


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