Advanced Computer Science: For the IB Diploma Program

Advanced Computer Science: For the IB Diploma Program
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Advanced Computer Science: For the IB Diploma Program is a new educational resource for all students who need to understand the High Level topics of Computer Science. This book references all the assessment statements in the 2014 IB Computer Science subject guide, while remaining flexible enough to be used in any educational setting, including programming courses of moderate to advanced difficulty.

The book uses plain English allowing native and non-native young learners to master the IB computer science High Level course. Advanced Computer Science: For the IB Diploma Program builds upon the successful Core Computer Sience book and facilitates High Level students to master the necessary topics.

Key Features:

    Plain English language.
    Diagrams and illustrations for key concepts.
    Examination style questions with answers for all topics.
    Use of IB style pseudocode, as well as actual working code in the Java Programming Language.
    A complete and efficient working Java solution that addresses a real life scenario.
    One-to-one reference to the assessment statements in the IB Computer Science subject guide.

This book allows both students and teachers to follow the wide-ranging IB Computer Science syllabus in such a way that they can be confident that all aspects of theory and practical exercises have been covered.

Further details about the book, including errata and programming code, can be obtained at the following website:


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