Curs limba engleza Little Smiles Pachetul elevului, Jenny Dooley, Express Publishing

Curs limba engleza Little Smiles Pachetul elevului, Jenny Dooley, Express Publishing
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Anul publicării: 2016
Categoria: Carte scolara


Smileys has been designed to help pupils immerse in English as well as develop their cognitive, emotional and social skills! Fun characters and engaging stories will motivate children and make learning more exciting than ever! Smileys is a brand new course for living classes and happy teachers!

Smileys Pre-Junior comprises six modules. The first three modules focus on the receptive skills (listening and speaking) while offering at the same time pre-reading and pre-writing activities. The rest of the course offers a progressive, all four language skill practice.

Smileys One-year Course Junior A + B is specially designed to meet the needs of pupils who aim to complete Junior A and Junior B classes in one school year.

Key Features
careful integration of all four skills ensure that pupils explore, create and interact in English
interesting dialogues and catchy songs practise the new language in a meaningful way
cross-curricular, cross-cultural and green content foster better understanding of the world around them
stories from around the world instruct as well as entertain pupils
teachers get all the tools and resources they need to help every pupil succeed

An aparitie: 2016


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